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my name is Jonáš Sedlařík (call me just Jonáš) and for over ten years I have been devoted to trade with premier wines from wineries like Gaja, Ornellaia, S. Filippo and many others. This experience led me

to start my own project JOJO WINES.

We focus on wines, which can be labeled as sustainable. These are wines produced in harmony with nature and with the philosophy of organic and biodynamic land management, but still perfectly handcrafted

and emphasized especially on terroir. At the same time, however, these are wines that have already reached a certain level of fame and renowned awards.

What I offer


We offer an organization of tastings, both ordinary and even turnkey or whole tasting dinners in interesting locations with atmosphere to complete the overall impression.


We provide consultations regarding wine lists or private collections.

of purchases

We also offer mediation of purchases from major negotiates from Bordeaux

and wine legends from all around the world for very interesting prices.

Wine trips

We organize wine trips, either classic from the winery to the winery,

or even with a little adventure on a sea yacht, or at ski alps assets.

Let's contact JOJO

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