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ORIGIN: Italy, Forlì

APPELLATION: Fiumana di Predappio


SOILS: Brown clay limestone

CLIMA: Continental

ALTITUDE: 150-250m a.s.l.

FERMENTATION: The fermantation and maceration of the skins take place in stainles steel tanks at a controlled temperature. The contact of the wine with the sins lasts an average of 14 days, followed by the malolactic fermentation.

AGEING: 70% for 12 months in stainless steel tanks and 30% in large barrels of Slovenia oak and a minimum of 3 months in the bottle


    Aromas such as marzipan, chocolate and violets can be integrated into the taste spectrum. The color of the wine shines in a medium ruby red.


    An estate full of history, who’s origin is lost in the tales of knights, intrigue and countless battles and wars. It’s an estate which has seen a lot over the years, named after a bold military leader, Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta from the mid-1400’s. The property was then taken over by Commander Giuseppe Ricci in 1941, an entrepreneur from Forli, Emilia Romagna. The recent history of the estate however, owes much to the daughter of the commander, Noelia Ricci, who in 1980 first thought of Pandolfa as a wine business and built their beautiful winery. The estate itself covers 140 hectares, of which 40 are planted mainly to Sangiovese as well as Trebbiano, Chardonnay and a few other experimental varieties. Their aim here is to make a pure expression of Sangiovese as it is known in Emilia Romagna.

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